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honest feedback: it works as described

I've been using my Monthli device for over 6 months now, and here's my honest opinion of it. It works exactly as described: it heats up in seconds, the pulses vibrate to reduce overall pain perception, there are no cords, and the gel pads are extra sticky (remember to clean it with a damp paper towel to prolong the stickiness), so it stays on the body all day. I only need to charge the device once a month if I only use the TENS mode. Overall, this is a useful device to keep in my bag at all times, and I get enough use out of it to justify the purchase. In the long run, it is less expensive than over-the-counter pain medication.

better quality than others

after comparing every TENS machine that's available on the market, I decided to keep Monthli and return the others because this is the only wireless option with heating function I could find. Since I use my device all day to relieve endo pain, I need the longest battery life possible.

got this for my wife's birthday this year and she really enjoys using it, she tried it on my back for lower back pain, and it feels quite nice - warm vibration somehow stops the pain after a few minutes. Arrived on time and good customer service

reusable and recharcheable

It's a reusable and recharcheable heat and TENS massage machine in one. I used to get those single use heat patches for when I'm at work, but those can add up quickly if you're a frequent user like me. I also disliked how much waste those single-use patches produced. Monthli device has replace all the plastic packaging and single use patches for me. 10/10

Having previously owned other tens devices, Monthli stands out to me because it is cordless and heated. Both of these features are uncommon in a traditional tens machine. It does an excellent job, and the heat function is extremely useful.

perfect, girlfriend loves it, she says she feels relieved only after a couple of minutes of using

plus size friendly

I'm a plus sized user and I appreciate the cord free design because I used to have problems with cords that were too short to reach the sides of my stomach. I don't have to worry about that with Monthli :) It is comfortable to wear under pants and stays on all day.

complete lifesaver for undiagnosed endo sufferer

Thank you to whoever invented this device, the heated TENS setting is SO helpful for when I'm at work

Adenomyosis and Endometriosis relief

works for adenomyosis and endo pain, pads are sticky and can stay on my stomach all day


tried it for the first time yesterday and I was shook how fast the device worked! My pain pretty much disappeared a minute after the device was turned on. I didn't have to take any pain killer for the first time, I'm amazed!

Thankful endo user

My husband gifted me this device for my birthday this year, and it has allowed me to take back my life without the negative side effects of the pain meds

If you have bad period cramps, get this. Wish I got mine sooner, it works!

Love mine!!

Saw them on Tiktok, anyone with painful periods should give this a try, it's totally worth the hype!

I use my device on a regular basis as I have adenomyosis. The quality is superb, gel pads last me a very long time (my current pair is 3 months old and still going strong). I love the brand is founded by woman for women, they really nailed this design. I would recommend giving this a try if you have painful periods like me

Thanks! girlfriend likes it

Endo life saver

I have stage 2 endometriosis and my Monthli has been such a life saver since I got it. It's cordless which means it stays entirely hidden under my clothes, very discreet. The heat function is a big bonus for me and love the battery life on this thing. would highly recommend anyone with severe period pain!

Used my Monthli for the first time ever since it arrived and WOW it works!! Truly lived up to all my expectations and more

HIGHLY recommend

Thanks to my Monthli device, I was able to get out of bed on my most painful crampy days and do things around the house for the first time in my life. A true miracle!

um… I'm not sure how to put it all into words yet, but I've spent the last two decades in pain and just discovered there's a small machine that can turn it off? Where has this been my entire life?

it works well for lower back cramping, the heat and TENS combined help alot

Sustainable and resuable

really proud of myself for making the switch to all natural options for my period - I have a copper IUD so naturally I get very heavy cramps mid-cycle and during my period. I use a divacup and reusable period underwear during my period and Monthli for pain management

instant relief!

love the device so much! Instant relief

I bought one for myself and one for my sister, and we both love it so much. It's very versatile and discreet as it can be worn under clothes in the front or back. I also like to use it for neck pain caused by sitting at a desk for too long. If you think outside the box, it's not just for period pain ;)

not bad, well thought out design, it works

Sleek design, wireless and sticks all day

Decided to treat myself and get an upgrade from the old TENS machine I bought from the pharmacy years ago. This device is so much cuter, sleek design, well made, and love that it's wireless! I never have to sort through tangle cords again. The heat is such a bonus for me. All in all, very happy with my new Monthli device. Battery lasts all day on TENS mode