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I gave this device to my wife for Christmas, and she has been using it every day since it arrived. She has ovarian cysts, and this device is the sole reason she can get out of bed most mornings

Where has Monthli been all my life? Wish I had discovered this brand sooner! Love that it's lightweight and cordless, never have to worry about accidentally ripping the cords off when I'm at work

Great little portable heatinfg pad with massager functions! I was traveling on a flight recently and this came in very handy for my sore lower back.

Relief lasts hours!

I have endometriosis and used to take 5-7 pain relievers a day just to get by. I'm now down to only one pill a day thanks to Monthli! I want to gradually eliminate the need for any pills at all; natural healing is the best way to go.

stays hidden under the clothes, completely silent, very discreet and comfortable to use!

Great design and effective pain relief for endometriosis

I'm a fan!

LOVE the tens massage features and the various types of pulses it has

It works exactly as described, and it really helps with period cramps

There are no cords, I sometimes forget I have the device on me

Great investment!

I've been looking forward to trying out this device since I ordered it! It arrived in just a week, and I've been using it constantly since my period started 5 days ago! I adore that it has a selection of tens massage types, and once it's on, it's incredibly soothing and helps me manage my pain away. Without the device, my pain level would be around 8 or 9, but with it, I barely notice it at all, around 1 or 2.

I have ovarian cysts pain and this device is a is a true goddesssend

Thoughtful gift

Surprised my partner with this device during the holidays. Delivery arrived on time and my partner was thrilled with her present.

This product has quickly become my bestie due to my struggle with endometriosis and PCOS. I always have it charged and nearby, as it helps with flare-ups and lower back pain, even outside of my period.

Haven't tried the product yet, ordered for endometriosis and took almost a month to get here

The best heating pad

A genuine lifesaver when meds don't cut it quick enough. I low-key wish I'd bought this earlier. It's seriously worth it when you do the girl math - the device pays for itself after only a few months of use lol

Purchased for my wife's ovarian cyst pain, it has proven to be quite effective in providing good pain relief.

Good value

The bundle comes with 6 pairs of gel pads, and I've only used 1 pair so far. It's been nearly 2 months and I can safely say that these pads will last me quite a while.

return customer

This is my second device, I recently gave my old one to my mom for her struggles with back pain. We both appreciate the convenience of the rechargeable battery and cordless design.

This machine is a major upgrade from my old tens machine with annoying tangled wires and triple A batteries, I tossed the old one out as soon as I got this device. It's my go-to for soothing cramps and lower back pain, it feels amazing!

Decent shipping, took 7 days! I am absolutely loving this device. I use it every chance I get - for period cramps, back pain, stiff neck, you name it.

My bf is always taking mine to soothe his aching leg muscles lol. It's time for him to get his own, or for him to get me an extra one haha!

It's wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough if you suffer from unbearable cramps like me

I love it and can't live without it

Monthli has single handedly transformed my whole period experience!