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relief for painful ovarian cysts / uterine fibroids flare ups

an amazing gift that provides real natural relief, works wonders for painful ovarian cysts / uterine fibroids flare ups

Incredible device!! I finally found effective relief after years of struggling with debilitating crmaps every month. This device is a real gem, I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Living with endometriosis has been incredibly challenging and draining, but Monthli has given me more hope lately, offering much-needed relief during my toughest days.

absolutely amazing customer service

I contacted them after my purchase to get the documentation I needed to submit to my insurance for reimbursement, and they responded right away with everything I needed. Thank you very much!!

No regrets

I am so happy to have found this device. I suffer so bad. I purchased two, one for pelvis and another for low back, I wear them simultaneously. They are a god send, especially working 12 hour days as a nurse. They only drawback is it shuts off every 30 min and it says the battery lasts 12 hours which it definitely does not. I wear mind at full stength and ca get about 2 hours. I keep my charger with me. I am using way less pain medication. Highly reccomend if you have bad periods and PCOS.

I wanted to help find a remedy for my wife's painful cramps, and after much research and reading reviews, we decided on Monthli. This device did not disappoint, it has made her periods much more manageable, and we're both grateful for it.

Great device

I was very skeptical about getting this device; but it has helped me out with my monthly periods a lot. The buttons are easy to use, very easy to charge up; and so much more. Very thankful that I purchased it.


This was an anniversary gift for my partner, she requested it. The relief is almost immediate and she says it's very discreet to use in public. When she uses the TENS setting, battery can last about a week, heat is about a couple hours, charges quickly, very impressive since it's a portable device.

I had a Livia but the cord connection part of the device kept breaking. I got fed up and decided to upgrade to Monthli's wireless device. So far it's been amazing since it has so many more upgrades than my previous unit, the heat is SO good, and the fact that there are no wires is fantastic! I strongly recommend Monthli to anyone suffering from period pain or endometriosis.

LOVE my device

this device deserves so much more hype, it's practically replaced all my pain meds, fantastic design & technology. RUN, don't walk!!

compact & easy to use

the relief it provides during my period is priceless

Helps with painful Ovarian Cysts

Developed ovarian cysts in the past several months and I decided to purchase a Monthli device to help with my everyday pain management. It's helped me significantly. I use mine mostly on TENS mode and the battery can last a few days without charging. It's small and discreet, so far no one's noticed I have this device on at work.


my monthli device has given me back control over my life during my periods!

Back pain relief

I suffer from agonizing lower back pain during each cycle, using this device is like having a personal pain-relief companion. The TENS and heat combination is an absolute lifesaver

My wife's period cramps were a monthly nightmare until I surprised her with this device. It's become her go-to pain reliever, and I couldn't be happier to see her feeling better during that time of the month.

It feels like having a gentle warm comforting hand soothing my pain away during my periods


This device has made living with endometriosis a lot more manageable

wonderful little device, my daughter loves it

Birthday gift

Purchased as a last-minute birthday gift for my girlfriend because she suffers from menstrual cramps every month, UPS express shipping arrived in 2 days. She is very pleased with the results and says she enjoys the TENS pulses...

can't live without my monthli!

I've had my Monthli for almost a year now and it's made dealing with endometriosis so much easier so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

very soothing for lower back period cramps


This device is an absolute lifesaver for people suffering from endometriosis. Both my sister and I each got one and it's been amazing to use

great pain relief

This device has honestly paid itself off since I'm no longer paying for over the counter pain meds. I like that it's rechargeable and reusable, extremely convenient, no wires is a huge bonus!

Very happy

Excellent customer service; they helped in answering my questions prior to purchase. My insurance was able to cover it after I submitted the receipts and forms they emailed me after my order