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2 Pairs of Monthli Gel Pad Refill Kit

Wonderful device for back pain

I get horrific lower back cramps during my period, and this device has been such a huge help in soothing my pain. I love the different types of TENS massage it provides and how quickly it works to relieve my cramps!

Love my monthli so much, this is my second time stocking up on gel pads!

a healthier alternative

I purchased the Monthli instant period pain relief device for my daughter, who gets terrible period pain that often disrupts her school days. This device has been a lifesaver. It's small enough for her to discreetly use in class, and the combination of TENS and heat is effective enough that she feels relief almost immediately. Shes's able to focus better in class with this device.

Wife enjoys using

My wife has been suffering from severe lower back pain as a result of adenomyosis and endometriosis. I decided to give her the Monthli period pain relief device as a gift, and so far it has really exceeded our expectations.

Works well for fibroids pain

my wife has endometriosis and she's very impressed by the results so far

I don't normally write reviews, but I had to for this device. As someone with endometriosis, I've been looking for something to ease my period pain for years. This is it, I've finally found it!

works within minutes

Every month, I'd get the worst stabbing cramps in my lower left belly, and no medication ever helped, at least not quickly enough. The pain relievers always took hours to take effect, if at all. Monthli literally saved my life; it works within minutes of being applied to the area that hurts the most. I'm saving up for a second one so I can double down on my lower back at the same time!

worth every penny.

It relieves my cramps almost instantly and is extremely easy to use. I've even used it at work a few times and it's very discrete.

I love monthli, I really do

This is even my second device… the first one I gave my dad that has back pain and it helps him a lot as well as myself… but, the second device doesn’t last as long as the first one in terms of both battery and gel pads :( And the overall work also seems different, my first one I could change massage type without it resetting the intensity + heating level, this one whenever I change the massage mode it resets it all… I mean I still love the product and it has helped me with cramps as well as back pain, it is def. incredible, but I liked my first device better than the second… I bought one last year around July and the second this year in February

Easy to use, even my hubby borrows my Monthli from time to time for his back pain :)

I love it

This is my no. 1 go to period pain relief remedy now. It’s helped me a lot with my bloating issues too, I think the TENS massages somehow soothes gas pains too? Anyways, it's feels amazing and it works within minutes so I don't have to worry about taking advils anymore

Love my monthli!

This device is incredible! It's small and portable, so I can take it wherever I go. I mainly use the TENS massage mode, which is very effective on its own for my cramps. The battery also lasts forever when I only use TENS, I can go a few weeks without charging with regular use. Heat will use up battery faster thats for sure

I suffer from ovarian cysts and this device has truly saved me during some of my worst episodes. So glad I discovered it

natural relief

I've been looking for a natural way to manage my menstrual cramps since I have undiagnosed endometriosis. This device is incredible! It's simple to use and offers almost immediate but long-lasting relief.

thank you

I can't thank this device enough for helping me manage my endo flare ups. It's truly a game changer and I wouldn't be able to get through my periods without it.

I've tried countless period pain relief products, but this is by far the BEST one. The combination of TENS and heat is genius

This was a valentine's day present for my girlfriend, who suffers from debilitating period cramps every month. The pain used to keep her bedridden for days but now she's able to get up and do things, I can tell it helps

it really helps

I get lower back period pain a week leading up to my period and this device sends gentle vibrations through my lower back to block the pain, it really helps


Very effective for period cramps!

One of the best thing I've discovered to help with period cramps and pelvic pain!

This device is amazing for treating both sore/tense muscles and menstrual cramps. Aside from using it for cramps, I also use it to help with the lower back and neck pain I occasionally experience from prolonged computer use for work

It just came in the mail and haven't tried it yet! It looks promising so far. Cute packaging and nice device quality. On time delivery

endo strong!

I have endometriosis, and I never leave the house now without my Monthli device. it's become a necessity in my daily routine. TENS mode can keep me going all day and night!