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The results are immediate!! Very effective in helping with relieving stage 1 endometriosis pain. Pads are sticky and long lasting

The natural drug free cramps reliever I've been looking for all my life, thank you!!!!!

Helps with Endometriosis and PCOS pain!

I have endometriosis and PCOS. I use Monthli every day whenever I start to experience pain. The pulse technology is effective in blocking off 90% of the pain. Making day-to-day life much more manageable without heavy meds. I've also been enjoying using the device on my lower back and neck/shoulder area for a self-care routine, a little me time to help me relax the tense muscles in my body!

Heats up in seconds!

Wonderful device, beyond happy with my Monthli! No more waiting on pills to take effect. The device heats in just seconds and the TENS works for me as soon as the device is applied!

better than any conventional heating pad

The TENs setting is very effective in relieving my endo/pcos pain.

2nd time purchasing

Refill is fast and pads are long lasting

works for endometriosis

I have been on the fence about buying this for months, but I am so glad I finally did. I also bought one for my sister since it was originally intended as a birthday gift. We both have chronic lower back pain caused by endometriosis and after a few uses so far, my pain has improved significantly. My sister's has improved too. The heat setting is very convenient for on the go

the ONLY tens machines that heats up I could find online

It's cordless and fits in any jacket pocket/purse. I take mine everywhere with me in case I need pain relief on the go. Charges super fast, so convenient!

Easy to use

I love the all in one design with no wires. So easy to put on and the pain relief lasts all day.


charges fast and easy to use. The heating function is definitely a bonus for me. Haven't seen any other brands with an innovative idea like this yet.

It works! My wife is happy!

At first I was skeptical that it will work for my wife, but I desperately wanted to help her during her period pains. But after she tried it, she immediately noticed a relief of her pains. Of course, it does not take the pain completely, but is sure does provide a great relief. Also, her period shortened with one day, which I am very happy about :). And guess what, now I have to order another for my mother in law :) I highly recommend this product, at least try it, you might be surprised.

Better than other competitors for being wire-free as well as heating. Love the "scraping" massage

I experience cramps that usually require 1-2 ibuprofen every 6 hours. Taking a lot of ibuprofen early in your cycle can interfere with ovulation so I decided to try the Monthli device. I really like that there are no wires and that there is a heating function, which is why I bought the Monthli over its competitors.

My favorite "massage" mode to distract me from my cramps is the one with sharp strong pulses that feel more penetrating into my uterus than the more gentle modes; it is very effective even at a low intensity.

I have a few suggestions: even though I am thin, the device sometimes gets displaced by clothes because my lower belly is a bit rounded; I suggest buying sports tape or wearing a tight shirt/shorts to secure it after you have it on. I also wish that the device had an option to turn off the beeping sounds it makes when you turn off/on and change modes. It would also be nice if the heating mode lasted longer than an hour, but creating heat takes a lot of energy and I do not fault the creators of the device in this regard. It is a nice function to have anyways.

Wish I can wear it 24/7

Living with PCOS, endometriosis, and IC is no longer painful, my Monthli is my saviour. Love that I can easily hide the device under my clothes and wear it anywhere I go

easy to apply for lower back cramps, very soothing

worth every penny!

This is the best thing in my life right now. Having gone through a very tough year with a miscarriage, Monthli has been here for me every step of the way of my recovery journey. I'm still getting a lot of cramps on most nights before I go to sleep, Monthli has been keeping me comfortable. The gentle vibrations literally take my mind off of the pain as the device work to block my nerve systems from receiving pain, the heating function is so relaxing, it has put me to sleep by accident so many times. Overall, this is worth every penny!

I have sensitive skin and these pads don't bother me at all. They stay on all day and are very sticky. I clean mine with some water and a damp cloth. They last forever if you take care of them regularly. Worth the price!

Worth it!

Love the heat pad function, you can adjust the TENS intensity level/type to find the one that suits your needs. Some massages are more intense than others, but in a good way. It helps me manage my endometriosis pain on a daily basis

Small but mighty!

heating pad and TENs machines in one. I don't know how they do it with such a small device but it's magical. It's become one of my everyday essentials

LOVE the heating element

Overall this device DOES help with pain management for my PCOS and endometriosis as it brings some relief through the massage and heating features. I was able to stand up straight again! The heating feature is the most enjoyable honestly. The massage is very nice but could be improved if it had more than 1 electrode.

Pros: wireless, built in heater, effective, fast charging, long battery life when only massage option is used.
Cons: short battery life when heating option is used, only 1 electrode for massage element.

Overall opinion: i LOVE it! Its not perfect and it isnt a cure but it is a very helpful pain management tool for my intense menstrual cramps. I recommend this to anyone willing to give it a try.

I have been battling symptoms of endometriosis for the past few years and Monthli has been the best discovery of mine in 2021. I use mine almost everyday and I truly enjoy the fast heating mode, the TENS technology works instantly to block pain, highly recommend to any sisters out there also suffering from endo.

battery lasts all day, very pleased with this purchase!

Wireless and heats up, whats not to like?!

I got diagnosed with endometriosis last year and I am so relieved to have found Monthli. This device is so convenient and effective in comparison to the other TENS machines I have tried. The wireless feature alone should be highlighted, you can wear it anywhere anytime and it's completely discreet, no more wires to get tangled on things! The device itself is super sticky so you never have to worry about it falling off. Impressive battery life when on TENS mode, sometimes lasts me 2-3 days without charging!

Im in love

I just got my package today and have been testing it out on my tummy all afternoon. First of, the heat setting is amazing. Love how fast it heats up, literally seconds! Second of all, I like the wireless design, way better than my old Livia that would get tangled and the pads would get rip off because of the annoying cords. This is so much better and it stays comepletly out of sight under the clothes because of the wireless design.

This has changed my life in the past couple weeks

I've been in pretty severe pain for a few years now-- first thought it was IBS, now am waiting on surgery so I can hopefully get an endometriosis diagnosis. That being said, whatever is going on I have terrible abdominal pain and bloating daily. I've never used a TENS unit before, and I chose this one because it was the only one I could find that also has a little heating component involved, which is what I usually use (heating pad for the pain).

This was worth every cent to me. I rarely write reviews but I asked the company to send me a link to fill one out because the people need to know lol. My pain and nausea are so severe that it doesn't necessarily make it go away completely, but the relief it does give is much needed. I honestly don't know how I would be able to go through this waiting time for a diagnosis without it. Thank you!!


Having experienced every emotion when it comes to dealing with menstrual pain and cramps, I can say the only emotion I feel about getting a Monthli is pure happiness. This has worked so well for me, quick application and works immediately to relieve me from period pain. Very long lasting battery life in such a small discreet body of device. I can tell they have really take the time to understand women needs and this device has all the convinience built into it!