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It works! My wife is happy!

At first I was skeptical that it will work for my wife, but I desperately wanted to help her during her period pains. But after she tried it, she immediately noticed a relief of her pains. Of course, it does not take the pain completely, but is sure does provide a great relief. Also, her period shortened with one day, which I am very happy about :). And guess what, now I have to order another for my mother in law :) I highly recommend this product, at least try it, you might be surprised.

Better than other competitors for being wire-free as well as heating. Love the "scraping" massage

I experience cramps that usually require 1-2 ibuprofen every 6 hours. Taking a lot of ibuprofen early in your cycle can interfere with ovulation so I decided to try the Monthli device. I really like that there are no wires and that there is a heating function, which is why I bought the Monthli over its competitors.

My favorite "massage" mode to distract me from my cramps is the one with sharp strong pulses that feel more penetrating into my uterus than the more gentle modes; it is very effective even at a low intensity.

I have a few suggestions: even though I am thin, the device sometimes gets displaced by clothes because my lower belly is a bit rounded; I suggest buying sports tape or wearing a tight shirt/shorts to secure it after you have it on. I also wish that the device had an option to turn off the beeping sounds it makes when you turn off/on and change modes. It would also be nice if the heating mode lasted longer than an hour, but creating heat takes a lot of energy and I do not fault the creators of the device in this regard. It is a nice function to have anyways.

LOVE the heating element

Overall this device DOES help with pain management for my PCOS and endometriosis as it brings some relief through the massage and heating features. I was able to stand up straight again! The heating feature is the most enjoyable honestly. The massage is very nice but could be improved if it had more than 1 electrode.

Pros: wireless, built in heater, effective, fast charging, long battery life when only “massage” option is used.
Cons: short battery life when “heating” option is used, only 1 electrode for “massage” element.

Overall opinion: i LOVE it! It’s not perfect and it isn’t a cure but it is a very helpful pain management tool for my intense menstrual cramps. I recommend this to anyone willing to give it a try.

This has changed my life in the past couple weeks

I've been in pretty severe pain for a few years now-- first thought it was IBS, now am waiting on surgery so I can hopefully get an endometriosis diagnosis. That being said, whatever is going on I have terrible abdominal pain and bloating daily. I've never used a TENS unit before, and I chose this one because it was the only one I could find that also has a little heating component involved, which is what I usually use (heating pad for the pain).

This was worth every cent to me. I rarely write reviews but I asked the company to send me a link to fill one out because the people need to know lol. My pain and nausea are so severe that it doesn't necessarily make it go away completely, but the relief it does give is much needed. I honestly don't know how I would be able to go through this waiting time for a diagnosis without it. Thank you!!

A game changer

With this device I can actually function without practically taking half the bottle of ibuprofen and being married to my heating pad in bed. It doesnt make my cramps magically disappear but it alleviates the pain enough for me to work and go out without issue. The first time I used the device I only needed 2 ibuprofen the entire first day of my period. I love that it lasts the full day although I wish the heating pad function lasted longer.

pads arrive and work great.

A little weird..

I'm here to write a realistic review- this doesn't magically take away the pain. It kind of just slightly overrides it, with a very confusing strange buzzing sensation. It's honestly very distracting at first- I thought it would be a constant buzz that you could tune out after awhile, but there are different "massage modes" which are all varying pulse modes, no simple non-pulse mode. I find these pulses really hard to tune out (mentally), it was hard to focus on phone calls and work with this whacky physical sensation zinging me in wild patterns. Feels like an angry bumble bee going berserk, lol. I tried messing with the intensity, but less made it ineffective for pain. Other than that, I like that there aren't wires, but I had a hard time figuring out the right side of the sticky to apply, the shape has to line up with the grid and the part I peeled off was somehow backwards and it took a while to figure out. Lastly- I wish I'd realized the heat mode only works for an hour before maxing out the battery, that's disappointing- but luckily the massage still works a long time. I'm hoping that I'll become more comfortable with it, maybe it's something you have to use a few times to get over the whacky buzzing sensation and it won't be so distracting? Holding out hope.

Delivery was much faster than expected! So great to have a wireless unit!

I get most of my menstrual pain in my lower back area and I have been appreciating the fact that Monthli has such a large coverage area on the skin in comparison to the other devices I've seen available. My favourite features of the device are:1) No cords, which means I can reach over easily and adjust the device intensity with  only one hand.
2) The heating option + different types of pulses, I love to change it up and try difference pulses on different areas of the body. 3) The battery lasts forever so I don't have to worry about running out of relief in the middle of the day!

My new secret weapon

Couldn't have timed this purchase any better! Arrived just in time for my current cycle. I was blown away the first time I applied it and it worked immediately to take my pain away. I can't wait to tackle more painful cycles with my new secret weapon!

Switch over now!

I had another device from a different brand before Monthli and honestly I'm so happy I got this instead. The previous unit I owned before Monthli was falling apart because the wires kept on coming off when I was wearing it around the house. Monthli's design is far superior in every way imaginable. No wires, 5 times longer battery life, so many modes of pulse therapy and need I mention the heating pad option?!

IUD Friendly

To start off, I should mention my cramps are very severe due to having an IUD implant, I was taking 2-3 prescription Naproxen pills per day when I was at my worst. Monthli definitely works, but sometimes when the pain is really bad, you can definitely still feel the cramps. All things considered though it's much much more bearable to the point I haven't taken anymore Naproxen since I started using Monthli. I’m finally learning to love my menstrual journey more and more everyday now!

As a stay at home mom I’m often running around the house cleaning up after my 3 kids, preparing lunches and dinners along with countless other tasks. When my period hits it can make even the smallest chore seem impossible. Monthli has allowed me the few hours of relief I need in order to get through these busy days. The heating pad is such a smart addition to this already amazing product. Strongly recommend to anyone who is seeking some solace from their painful period cramps!

Super Sticky & Long Lasting

These gel pads are great, they stick to my body perfectly! I got the 6 month supply so I don't have to worry about running out. Larger coverage area than the other devices & little maintenance involved!

Cruelty free & Vegan friendly

I'm vegan and I've been scouring the internet for an animal cruelty-free period pain relief option for a long time. I hated depending on pain medication because most pharmaceutical companies perform testings on animals. With Monthli, I can finally say goodbye to the one part of my life that depended on animal-tested products. I also love how Monthli decreases my carbon footprint because one device will last me for years to come!

Value saver

I love that Monthli offers these bundle deals with the 6 or 12 month supply of gel pads. I can just buy it once and not have to worry about getting re-fills every single month. As someone who tends to rack up so many subscriptions to different services this is huge time saver and makes my life easier. The pads themselves last for weeks and really do stick securely to your skin! I do online yoga from home now and I didn’t have any issues with it coming loose, thank you for designing a product that truly does what it’s supposed to do.

Ob/Gyn recommendation

My Ob/Gyn recommended Monthli to me after an appoinment to discuss my excruciating menstrual pains caused by my copper IUD. Unfortunately, my only option as a birth control is to keep my IUD so we had to look at other options for pain management aside from pills. I love everything all natural so I'm very glad my they recommended Monthli to me. Get the bundles ladies as you will thank yourselves later for the savings!

A Complete Game Changer

This has been a complete game-changer for me. I suffer from endometriosis almost every day and I'm so happy I no longer have to rely on pain meds. Monthli has allowed me to be more productive with my days and as a result I feel more confident. It's very comfortable and you can move around without it moving an inch! This is my favorite purchase of 2020, love this brand and it’s amazing to see a company like Monthli out there supporting women.

I’m a photo retoucher so I work behind my desk for nearly 8-10hrs a day when completing big jobs for commercial clients. This can be excruciating during my period so having Monthli to rely on has allowed me to carry through the pain without the fear of passing out or losing precious hours taking multiple breaks to lie down. I recommend this to any woman but especially to those of us who are grinding behind a desk for the majority of their day.

Great battery life

Wow the battery lasts forever on this little guy! I'm super impressed. Kudos to this amazing device, it works fast when I need it the most, it's better than any other period pain relief option I've tried in the past!

I had a Livia before this but it would always randomly fall off when I was doing the smallest chores around the house, it was so inconvenient when I went to the bathroom because I'd have to unclip every time and re-clip again, such a pain. Monthli is the total opposite of Livia! It sticks to my skin so well, I never have to worry about it falling off or the cords ripping out, because it has none! Battery life is almost 2-3 times longer than a Livia and Monthli only takes 2 hours to fully charge instead of a full night.. Monthli is honestly superior to Livia in every way.

I bought this device for my daughter hoping to make her feel better when she's on her period. Seeing her in pain every month just breaks my heart and I'm glad this device is working for her. I can tell her period pain is more manageable now while using this device, she's no longer spending  hours curled up in a ball in bed moaning in pain. Definitely recommend this to parents with teenagers who are experiencing painful cycles.

The one time I forgot to bring Monthli to work with me made me realize just how much I need it… I rely on this tiny device so much to carry me through my period.

Stellar product, fast delivery & premium quality.

Works like magic! Been using my Monthli for almost 3 months now and it's been a lifesaver! Great battery life and I absolutely adore the heating pad…sometimes I just turn it on because it's so relaxing haha. A quick tip: if you want to get the most out of your gel pads clean them regularly with a wet cloth or baby wipe to get rid of dust and oil on its surface.