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Sleek design, wireless and sticks all day

Decided to treat myself and get an upgrade from the old TENS machine I bought from the pharmacy years ago. This device is so much cuter, sleek design, well made, and love that it's wireless! I never have to sort through tangle cords again. The heat is such a bonus for me. All in all, very happy with my new Monthli device. Battery lasts all day on TENS mode

Saving grace

I have been suffering from PCOS and Endometriosis since I was 17, Monthli has been such a saving grace for me. The past few months have been a lot easier for me to cope with the pain.

Works for fibroids

Wish I had discovered this magical little device sooner! It's truly life changing…

Repeat customer

Ive used the monthli device for 8 months now. I had to replace my first one because my dog got a hold of it, but I absolutely needed it so I got another one. The device really helps with pain and the gel pad sticks all day. The only thing I dont like is that the settings buttons are a little confusing. Otherwise, this device is a game changer.

Happy Tears

Can’t tell you how much my life depends on this device now. I suffer from endometriosis chronic pain so I keep my Monthli charged at all times. It's saved my life on multiple occassions :')


Wearing my Monthli device as I write this review: it has quite a few pros - works instantly, long battery life on TENS pulses, heating pad function is awesome, no cords and very sticky pads, discreet under clothing.

Good for sensitive skin!

These gel pads last me a LONG time, they stay very sticky, I normally only change mine every 2-3 months. In between, I just use a damp kitchen paper towel to wipe the surface of the gel pads to get rid of any debris/oils collected from my skin, then it's good as new again! try it!


I'm a very active person who also happens to have endometriosis. I've been using Monthli for the past four months, and it has helped me so much with my pain and my ability to do things during my period. Very thankful for this purchase

Very discreet

It stays put really well, especially when I wear it underneath a pair of workout leggings, very discreet and hardly noticeable.

It works

Changed my life for the better!!


Phenomenal results from my Monthli device.

100% natural and effective

I waited to write this review because I wanted to give an honest feedback. After using my Monthli for a few months, I have to say the results are quite impressive. It's worked better for me than most pain killers in the sense that it provides relief as soon as the device is turned on. I pair it with a nice cup of raspberry leaf tea and magnesium on my worst crampy days.


Gel pads are of great quality, exactly as described! Highly recommend

I bought this device after reading some positive reviews on the internet and I absolutely love it! It helps distract me from the painful cramps I get from endometriosis, it's made it more manageable during the day at work, and greatly reduced the amount of painkillers I take.

I use it everywhere on my body

Aside from its magical powers in relieving period pain (which is AMAZING btw), I also discovered it’s a great massage tool for sore muscles! Really good at relieving neck pain, lower back pain and leg cramps. Try it and thank me later!!!

Very satisfied with this purchase, I get a lot of use out of this device so to me the price is worth it


This is a wonderful little device. My daughter got diagnosed with Endometriosis last year and I purchased this device to help her manage her pain. It's hard for me as a mom to see her in pain so often, this device has helped her a lot since.

the easiest and most natural way to relieve menstrual cramps

Very effective

Hands down the best relief I've found for my endo/PCOS pain. It doesn't eliminate all of it, but makes it 95% easier to deal with.

Good quality pads

Love it!

My sister let me tried hers a while back and I was impressed by how fast it worked. Now I got my own and I use it all the time! Bye bye cramps


I take my Monthli device with me everywhere. Love that it charges fast and battery lasts all day. It has gotten me through some rough days.

NSAIDS gave me gastritis and severe acid reflux, Monthli saves me every month now

I think more women should learn about the side effects of taking pain medication in the long term. Natural options like Monthli device do work, and it's much healthier for your body in the longrun. Do your homework and choose what's best for YOURSELF!

The gentle vibration takes my mind off of the pain.

It helps distract me from the period cramps and the gentle pulses feel very relaxing. I know you're not supposed to wear it to sleep but I have to confess that I've fallen asleep wearing this a few times lol, it's too relaxing!

early birthday present

fast shipping and great customer service, they answered all my questions. Glad I got this for myself as an early birthday present ;)