Monthli Device + Gel Pad Bundle

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Period pain has met its match. Meet Monthli - The world's first wireless 2-In-1 Instant Period Pain Relief Device with fast-acting heating pad technology. No more pills, no more side effects. Stick it on, turn it on, and enjoy the immediate menstrual pain relief provided by scientifically proven TENS Pulse Therapy.

  • Immediate Period Pain Relief - Natural & Drug Free

  • Effectively Stimulates Nerves to Block Pain

  • Fast-Acting Graphene Heating Pad Technology

  • 100% Wireless, Portable, Discreet & Lightweight

  • Long Lasting Battery, 1 Charge = 20 Hours of Relief

  • Pay Once, Use for Years

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Scientifically Proven

Monthli uses a decade old scientifically proven method known as TENS Pulse Therapy to effectively block pain signals from reaching the spinal cord and brain. Simultaneously, Monthli also stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the body's natural pain killers! 

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100% Natural & dRUG fREE

Monthli offers a natural and drug free option to women experiencing menstrual pain on a regular basis. We get it sisters, instead of pumping your body full of pills, Monthli uses science to help you feel the relief you truly deserve! No more unbearable pain and zero side effects!

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Monthli is the world's first period pain relief wearable device to incorporate a fast-acting heating pad technology! When activated, Monthli heats up to an optimal temperature of 108°F (42°C) in less than 5 seconds! Think that's impressive? We also offer 5 types & 20 levels of pulse therapy for that instant relief!

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Wireless & discreet

If you love the convenience of Airpods then you'll love our 100% wireless & cordless design too! Now you never have to worry about tangled cords or external gel pads accidentally ripping off and interrupting that sweet relief. With 1 charge, Monthli offers up to 20 hours of pain relief, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

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How To Use

We designed Monthli to be user friendly and easy to use, because who has time to sort through tangled cords when a wave of period pain can hit without warning? 

“I like to place Monthli where my cramps hurt the most, Ievel up on pulse therapy as needed, and feel the gentle vibration take away the pain. My secret weapon is the heating pad function. Sometimes when my endo is really bad, I'll combine this with pulse therapy, it's a win-win!” -Sara K.

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Place Monthli on the area which you're experiencing pain. Our wireless & discreet design makes Monthli easy and quick to apply for immediate, long-lasting relief. 

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Activate Monthli with the simple push of a button! Easily adjust to your desired level of pulse therapy and try out our rapid heating pad feature while you're at it!  

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Monthli effectively blocks pain signals from reaching the brain so you can carry on living your best life, pain free...period. 


  • Monthli 2-in-1 Instant Period Pain Relief Device

  • 6 x Monthli Gel Pad Refill (Six Month Supply)

  • USB Charging Cable

  •  User Manual


Monthli 2-In-1 Instant Period Pain Relief Device
  • Monthli Period Pain Relief Device

  • 2 Month Supply of Gel Pads

  • 12 Months Device Warranty

  • Free Shipping

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Monthli Device + Gel Pad Bundle


  • Monthli Period Pain Relief Device

  • 6 Month Supply of Gel Pads

  • 12 Months Device Warranty

  • Free Shipping

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

6 Pairs of Monthli Gel Pad Refill Kit


  • 6 Month Supply of Gel Pads

  • Pad Uses: 30-50 Times Per Pair

  • Latex Free, Fit for Sensitive Skin

  • Free Shipping

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kimberly Duell

Delivery was much faster than expected! So great to have a wireless unit!

Margaux C.

I get most of my menstrual pain in my lower back area and I have been appreciating the fact that Monthli has such a large coverage area on the skin in comparison to the other devices I've seen available. My favourite features of the device are:1) No cords, which means I can reach over easily and adjust the device intensity with  only one hand.
2) The heating option + different types of pulses, I love to change it up and try difference pulses on different areas of the body. 3) The battery lasts forever so I don't have to worry about running out of relief in the middle of the day!

Cobie D.
My new secret weapon

Couldn't have timed this purchase any better! Arrived just in time for my current cycle. I was blown away the first time I applied it and it worked immediately to take my pain away. I can't wait to tackle more painful cycles with my new secret weapon!

Alana H.
Switch over now!

I had another device from a different brand before Monthli and honestly I'm so happy I got this instead. The previous unit I owned before Monthli was falling apart because the wires kept on coming off when I was wearing it around the house. Monthli's design is far superior in every way imaginable. No wires, 5 times longer battery life, so many modes of pulse therapy and need I mention the heating pad option?!

Karolina C.
Ob/Gyn recommendation

My Ob/Gyn recommended Monthli to me after an appoinment to discuss my excruciating menstrual pains caused by my copper IUD. Unfortunately, my only option as a birth control is to keep my IUD so we had to look at other options for pain management aside from pills. I love everything all natural so I'm very glad my they recommended Monthli to me. Get the bundles ladies as you will thank yourselves later for the savings!

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